Fighting For Our Freedoms and Our Families

I trust Iowans, Iowa parents, and Iowa families to make the decisions that are in their own best interests. We must continue fighting for Iowa families so decisions that should be made in the houses of Iowans aren’t overruled by decisions at the State House or the White House. I am pro-life and support policies that empower Iowa families.

Ensuring Iowa Stays Safe

Our law enforcement and public safety officials in Iowa work every day to keep us safe. We must ensure they have the funding and support necessary to do this critically important work.

Jobs and Prosperity in Iowa: Tax Relief and Focus on Workforce

Iowans are facing the worst inflation pressure in 40 years: home energy, gas, and grocery prices are up. We must give working Iowa families certainty through tax relief where they keep more of their hard-earned money in their own pockets. Lower taxes and a policy emphasis on workforce training and development we will be a more competitive place to find a job, build a career, and provide for a family.