Bousselot Announces Candidacy for Iowa Senate

November 30, 2021

Ankeny – Today, Iowa Representative Mike Bousselot, R-Ankeny, announced his candidacy for the open seat in Iowa Senate District 21.

 “I love working for my community at the State House,” said Bousselot. “Ankeny voters asked me to represent them as a leader who listens, acts on principle, and works hard every day. I heard the voters’ message loud and clear. Ankeny wants someone at the Capitol who prioritizes the freedom and rights and decision making of families, the security of our state, and policies that reward Iowans for hard work and investing in Iowa.”

“I will take these priorities with me to the Iowa Senate. We need to empower parents in the education of their children. With the uncertainty in the world, our public safety officers do not need to face threats of defunding, our public safety officers need to be well-funded so we know we will be safe at home. And Iowans are facing higher prices at every turn, we must give tax relief to let hard-working Iowans keep more of their hard-earned money in their own pockets instead of the State’s savings accounts. Iowa has had tremendous success and I want to keep building to make our state an even better place to live and grow a family.”

Bousselot was elected to serve Ankeny in the House District 37 Special Election September 14, a majority of which is in the new Senate District 21. With the non-partisan redistricting approved on a bi-partisan basis by the Legislature and the Governor, Bousselot was drawn into the new House District 42 with Representative Garrett Gobble (R – Ankeny). Bousselot resides in the newly drawn Senate District 21 which covers most of the city of Ankeny and some outlying areas.